ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — This week on Empire State Weekly, New York’s Independent Redistricting Commission continued the process of redrawing the state Assembly lines. New proposed district lines are now available for the public to view.

Jeffrey Wice, a professor of law and senior fellow at the new york census and redistricting institute at new york law school, explained the redistricting process is “designed to fail.” Wice believes the redistricting process (an amendment agreed on by voters in 2014) was former New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s way of making it seem that there was an independent process in redrawing assembly lines while allowing the Legislature to redraw their own lines.

This most recent redraw came about after the Independent Redistricting Commission couldn’t reach a consensus on Assembly maps, so it was left up to the Legislature. However, a New York Court struck down those maps because the proper procedure wasn’t followed.

Also, this week, new state funding will impact new migrants that are arriving in new york city by bus from the southern U.S. Recently announced funding provides three million dollars over three years to city immigrant groups to provide free legal assistance to new immigrants facing legal challenges, including deportation and detention. Murad Awawdeh, the Executive Director of the New York Immigration Coalition, broke down how complicated the immigration legal system can be and how free legal services can help keep immigrants from being lost in the extensive system.

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