SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The city of Saratoga Springs has announced the next list of citizens who will be able to weigh in directly on how the city spends its money. City Commissioner of Finance Minita Sanghvi announced the new members of the city’s Participatory Budgeting Committee on Tuesday.

Members of the new committee get to provide direct input into how Saratoga Springs spends a total of 0.25% of the city’s annual funds, which this year adds up to roughly $135,000. The group was created as part of a new pilot program, and inspired by similar programs throughout the United States.

Participatory Budgeting Committee members include Norah Brennan, Jeff Altamari, JoAnne Kiernan, Tim Holmes, Devin Del Pos, Douglas Gerhardt, Maryann Ryckman, Hal Rose, and Jonathan Jeerapaet. The group was open for applications from residents ages 18 and up. The city cites the new members as bringing in experience in accounting, finance, municipal government, law, business development, and community organization.

“My team is excited about collaborating with this group,” said Sanghvi. “We are thrilled with the level of interest in this program, and look forward to working with the community to develop their project ideas.”

The group will be able to cast votes in the categories of both individual and organizational projects. Its nine members will be split between the east and west sides of Saratoga Springs. The committee will help individuals and groups to develop feasible proposals, tally public votes, and make recommendations for projects to approve and fund into 2023.