Safer streets in NYC: Push for tougher laws, more enforcement


Politicians and activists have called for tougher laws and more enforcement following a deadly weekend on city roads that left a baby and five others killed in separate crashes.

Several demonstrations are planned Tuesday to bring awareness to the crisis as there have been at least 188 traffic-related deaths across the city so far this year.

Cries are growing louder following a tragic crash over the weekend that left an infant dead from a repeat reckless driver.

One woman even interrupted a press conference about safer streets with Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams.

“You know the solution! What are you doing to get cars off the road? Less cars running red lights, right behind you!” transit activist Nicole Murray screamed.

Anger still boiling over after a 3-month-old was killed while in a stroller in Clinton Hill when wrong-way driver, Tyrik Mott, allegedly ran a red light and caused a chain reaction crash on Gates Avenue in Brooklyn on Saturday. 

Data from the state shows the 28-year-old has racked up 160 traffic violations, including 90 for running red lights and speeding through school zones. Despite breaking the law so many times, the city has failed to seize his car.

Following the weekend carnage, Eric Adams and other elected officials are calling for more laws to be passed and further reduce speed limits in problem areas. 

“Part of the action should be proactive enforcement,” said Adams.  “A three-month-old baby… how inhumane could that be to be killed by a driver who had a history of reckless driving in the city?” he asked. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “there is something broken in the law because, you know, if you hurt someone with a car, it should be considered no different than if you hurt someone with a weapon.”

Mott has been charged with attempting to flee police, attempted robbery, attempted grand larceny, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and attempted unauthorized use of a vehicle.

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