Salvation Army serving the elderly in this time of need


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — “No one forgotten!” The Salvation Army makes sure they have all their bases covered when it comes to making sure this community is taken care of. 

As 79-year-old Monty Mays welcomes visitors to the Salvation Army Food Pantry, asking patrons for their ID, Monty tells NewsChannel 9 he loves digging through his box of goodies every month! 

“Well, there are just some things in there that are surprising that you normally don’t eat. Which is good because you’re kind of changing your diet. Which is for the better because the food you eat could possibly be junk food” Mays said. 

Monty definitely can’t have junk food because he has diabetes. There is some frustration over what to eat, but the Salvation Army knows exactly what he needs. 

“We make sure that they have the fruits and the vegetables, the breakfast foods, the grains and the proteins that they need,” says Pam Alderman, Supervisor Salvation Army Food Pantry. 

Monty also has a hard time getting to the store. 

“We were helping serve our seniors who couldn’t come to senior program, their meals are being delivered our case managers at the agency were delivering meals to households that were in such a need,” Alderman said. 

Monty gets meals dropped off right at his doorstep too, but he was feeling good enough on this gorgeous day to pick it up himself. But on the days he can’t get transportation and his family can’t help, the Salvation Army is there. 

“I don’t know what I would have done without them, they’re so dedicated,” Mays said. 

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