SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Matt Nelligan, the chairman of the Schenectady Republican Committee, tossed his hat into the city’s mayoral race on Tuesday. The main focus of his campaign will be the economy, with crime a close second, according to the announcement.

“In the last several years we have seen corruption and incompetence take center stage. This has led the mayor and the city council to get very little done at a time when residents desperately need their help,” said Nelligan. “Crime is up 28%, inflation and the cost of housing are rising, taxes are too damn high, and our schools are performing at the bottom of state rankings. At the same time, our city government isn’t even able to clear snow from our streets, keep our sidewalks friendly for strollers and seniors or invest in needed infrastructure. Change is badly needed and that’s what my campaign represents.”

Nelligan grew up in Watervliet. His dad was the Vice-President of the pipefitter’s union in Schenectady. A spokesperson for his campaign said, “he’s a blue-collar guy who tells it like it is—exactly the kind of person we need right now as our mayor.”

The GOP chief will look to unseat Mayor Gary McCarthy, who has held his position since April 2011. He is running unopposed on the Republican ticket, at this time.