SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — After a late-season snowstorm in Central New York laid down a heavy snowpack, warmer weather, and rain is in the forecast.

Should we be concerned about any flooding?

Over the next five or six days the flood risk over the region is relatively low and there are a number of reasons why.

Warm up is brief

While it does warm up across Central New York the next few days, we are only forecasting highs in the 40s, leading to a slow and steady snowmelt. We would be more concerned if we were talking about the 50s or warmer weather for the next few days along with some nights staying above freezing.

Also, after Friday we will cool back into the 30s for the weekend. That slows down the snowmelt.

No ice jams

A big driver of early Spring flooding is ice jams. As we come out of our long winter season, ice on area rivers and streams begins to break up and causes water to back up leading to flooding.

River ice this winter has been missing, which takes that threat out of the equation.

No real heavy rain

While we are in and out of rain Friday, it is not particularly heavy. By the end of the day, most spots pick up half an inch of rain or less.

After Friday there is no threat of rain through the middle of next week

The bottom line is the river and streams will rise over the next few days due to snowmelt and rainfall but should stay below flood stage into the weekend.