FULTON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Patricia Brayton Malia is Nancy Howe’s younger sister.

“She likes singing. She sings in different choruses, loves her cat. I’m sure her cat is missing her,” Brayton Malia shared about her sister.

The 70-year-old hasn’t been seen by family in more than a month.

“My husband talked with her on our deck Tuesday, June 28 about 7 p.m. and offered to take her home as he always does. She’s like no, no I like to walk, I’ll walk. It was just about probably four or five blocks away,” Brayton Malia explained.

Brayton Malia said her family has a summer home in Fair Haven and Nancy was looking forward to visiting because it was close to the July 4 holiday. Her brother went to pick her up two days later at her home, but she wasn’t there. Another concern – Nancy has cognitive issues and she believes Nancy was starting to get dementia.

“Some days she would get her days goofed up. She knew her way around Fulton, even at Fair Haven,” Brayton Malia said.

Howe didn’t drive and would walk to places around town, which is something she enjoyed doing. So the family has posted flyers, appealing to the public for help.

“If you see someone that looks like her, we do have a couple of different flyers out with her picture. Please don’t hesitate to call. Because it’s been four weeks now and we just want her home.”

Patricia Brayton Malia, Nancy Howe’s sister

Her sister said before she disappeared, Howe showed up at the family’s Fair Haven property on her own. It’s unclear if she walked the whole way, but she says some witnesses reported seeing her on State Route 104A in the Fair Haven area. She also said Howe often wears baggy dark jeans, and an orange knit cap and has a distinctive walk.

“She walks with her hands clasped behind her back,” Brayton Malia said.

Fulton Police tell NewsChannel 9, the missing person case is still active and there have been no new leads. If anyone has any new information, please call 911.