SNL Rewrites Rap History with The Jay Z Story; J.K. Simmons Mocks Whiplash Character

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Mike O'Brien, J.K. Simmons | Photo Credits: NBC

Saturday Night Liveput forth its strongest show of the season this weekend, with host J.K. Simmons at the helm.

The Whiplash star parodied his Oscar-nominated turn as a sadistic music teacher for his opening monologue (featuring a special guest appearance by Fred Armisen), and even played rapper Nas in the episode’s strongest sketch.

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Check out highlights from the episode below:

J.K. Simmons opening monologue: Simmons brilliantly channels hisWhiplash character, Terence Fletcher, to critique various cast members – and Fred Armisen – on their drumming skills (or lack thereof). Plus: Growing Up Fisher shout-out!

Totino’s Super Bowl commercial: Vanessa Bayer shines in this pre-taped ad, featuring a wife who isn’t sure what to do for the rest of the Super Bowl after making snacks for her “hungry guys.”

Teacher Snow Day: You think students are the only ones who enjoy a weather-related day off from school? Think again.

Michael Che on Black History Month: This edition of “Weekend Update” features Michael Che‘s thoughts on lesser-known figures in black history who he feels should have their own commemorative stamps.

The Jay Z Story: Only the current iteration of Saturday Night Live could cast Mike O’Brien as Jay Z, Jason Sudeikis as Kanye West, and J.K. Simmons as Nas in The Jay Z Story and pull it off amazingly.

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