Soleil Moon Frye Shows Off Her Beach Body After Losing 40 Pounds

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Soleil Moon Frye | Photo Credits: Corbis

Not bad for a mom of three!

Soleil Moon Frye recently showed off her killer bikini bod. She’s lost 40 pounds with the Nutrisystem diet.

“This is my best version of me,” she told People.

What did Soleil Moon Frye name her baby?

She confessed she’d had trouble keeping weight off after giving birth to son Lyric in February 2014. When he was four months old, she said four people in one week asked her when she was due.

“The frustrating thing for me was that one day I would lose a pound, but the next day I’d be back up two pounds. I needed help kicking it into gear,” Frye said.

So she went on Nutrisystem, a diet that does home delivery of meals and snacks, which the customer supplements with approved ingredients from the grocery store. (Critics of such diets say it’s difficult for people to keep the weight off once they stop receiving the pre-made meals.) The company offers low-cal versions of many popular foods, and Frye said that’s helped her not feel deprived.

Frye told the magazine she likes to eat Nutrisystem ice cream sandwiches while her daughters — Poet, 9, and Jagger, 7 — eat real ones.

“It’s been fun!” she said.

Check out the bikini pic here! How do you think she looks?

The stars of Outlander spill as many spoilers as they can in 10 seconds:

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