Some subway crimes increase as riders return


NEW YORK — As each week goes by, more riders are returning to the trains and buses and the numbers for some crimes in the system are also increasing.

NYPD Transit Bureau does a monthly report to the MTA NYC Transit Committee.  

“Year-to-date overall crime remains down. But we see an uptick in the month of September. There were 68 more incidents compared to last year,” NYPD Inspector Raymond Porteus said. 

The increases are in robbery, grand larceny and felony assaults, according to the NYPD statistics. 
There have been 96 cases of grand larceny, representing an 88% increase from September 2020. There were 52 robberies reported this year, which is a 33% increase. Felony assaults are up 50% to 35 cases. 

Despite those increases, major felonies in the transit system for the year are down overall about 13%. 

More than 3 million people have been taking the subways on the weekdays and 1.4 million are on the bus. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked for his thoughts about the cause of the spike. 

“I think with certain crimes, you see criminals in a coordinated fashion going at a certain type of crime. That’s exactly what precision policing attacks. That’s exactly what the NYPD has had extraordinary success in identifying and then stopping. Sometimes it is a very small number of people who do crimes like that,” he said. 

Denesha Cohen finds peace of mind and safety in numbers most of the time. 

“Coming into Manhattan, I’m in the first car when I enter at Jamaica Center,” she said. “I’m where the dispatchers are. I tend to do that.”

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