(WSYR-TV) — There’s plenty to know as you plan your visit to the Great New York State Fair! New food vendors and exhibits are coming back that will keep your day full of fair fun.

The Center of Progress building has a brand-new exhibit that’s called the Energy and Environment Experience! In here you’ll learn about wind turbines, electric vehicles, and New York State’s canal system. 

“We want more people to learn about climate and clean energy, what they can do for energy efficiency to save money in their own home or business,” says Kristin Legere, Senior Communications Manager, NYSERDA. “We also want them to learn more about the benefits of clean energy in New York State, for instance, the climate leadership and community protection act calls for 9,000 megawatts of offshore wind so really here they can learn about how we’re bringing in more clean energy to the grid to make it zero emissions by 2040.” 

Greenery will also be throughout the exhibit to give a clean, natural feel.

“Obviously a great team designed this space to be all green, live trees that are active, benches that folks can sit on and we feel that’s it’s a really welcoming space for the State Fair and for people to get to know how they can lower climate emissions and learn more about clean energy,” says Legere. 

Another new exhibit features the President and CEO of C&S Companies, who partnered with the Fair this year to try and get more people interested in trade jobs. 

He says there is a shortage of skilled tradespeople for construction, manufacturing, and the service industry. So here, they’ll be educating people on what these jobs have to offer. 

“The service industry is here that does manufacturing, but also provides services for individuals as it relates to technical services and things like that so there’s a whole group of folks here that will be set up and ready to talk to individuals about job openings they have today,” says John Trimble President and CEO of C&S Companies.

Every day will have different companies looking for people in these fields to work for them.

“We’re starting to notice a shortage of skilled tradespeople for construction, manufacturing, and service industries and it’s really projected to even get worse because the whole generation of individuals who worked in those professions for their whole career are reaching retirement age,” says Trimble.

The gates at the fair open at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, August 24!