CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some Capital Region community members are voicing concern over the Hamas attack on Israel on the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Yom Kippur War. NEWS10 spoke with some local Jews who have family ties to Israel.

Rob Kovach, the President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York told NEWS10 that the folks here at home are fearful that their family may be caught up in the danger overseas.

“We’ve had people go back and forth and sadly we have friends from the region who are from here and in the region, we know them well and some may have been kidnapped so certainly a tremendous amount of concern,” said Kovach. “Here in the community, I know of a local woman whose brother is among the missing and presumed kidnapped.”

Kovach says that he too has family in the region and is concerned for their safety.  “My son, just actually moved to Israel in August. So, my daughter had moved there four years ago has been coaching him. She tells him, listen, you got to take this seriously. You hear an alarm, know always where the closest bomb shelter is.”

Kovach says he speaks to his kids once a week, but now he’s trying to speak to them more regularly. “So, I spoke with my son this morning.  My daughter actually called us at 3:00 her time, a.m. I was having trouble sleeping so she called us.”

David Ginsburg, who runs the front desk at the federation says he too has family in the conflict zone. His children don’t live there anymore but as a parent, he can sympathize with other parents who are over there. “It’s frightening and a parent with younger children, certainly they’re frightened for them as well and the disruption that this causes in their lives.”

While the conflict between Israel and Palestine goes back decades, Ginsburg says peace in the region is possible. He points to the years of peace with Egypt and Jordan and how all sides can thrive.  “There is an economic benefit and I think the countries realize that.  I think that once some of the players in the region can get past the hatred.”