ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Exchanges between now-SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras and other top aides in the Cuomo Administration, speaking about Lindsay Boylan, the first woman to accuse former Gov. Andrew Cuomo of harassment, have now come to light.

The exchange took place before Malatras became SUNY Chancellor and before Boylan accused Cuomo of sexual harassment.

In newly released documents from the New York Attorney General’s Sexual Harassment Investigation into former Governor Andrew Cuomo, Jim Malatras sent emails to top-ranking Cuomo aides about his Twitter response to Lindsey Boylan’s tweet in which she said being a mother while also being a senior staff member in politics was a “toxic and demoralizing experience.”

Malatras fired back in a tweet, saying, “I saw someone Twitterbombing about family life on the 2nd Floor to get some attention for unrelated political purposes. That’s their prerogative. Is working in the chamber tough? You bet. Long hours? Yes. It should be. But my son was often a welcomed part of it so I could serve.”

Malatras later wrote to his colleagues: “I think we just keep retweeting my tweet without comment. It’s clearly driving her nuts.”

Using expletives, Malatras sent additional emails about Boylan. In an interview with New York Now, Malatras responded saying, “I’ve had strong disagreements with colleagues I’ve worked with in the past. And this exchange from 2 1/2 years ago was one of those times. The truth is, I’m not proud of the language that I used. I conveyed my disagreement about my colleague, but I’m proud of my collaborative work in government. I’ve been in government long time. I’m proud of my work at SUNY. We a lot of work to do, but that’s going to be my focus.”

Early on, Governor Kathy Hochul made a promise that her administration would be transparent and foster a healthy work environment. NEWS10 ABC reached out to her office to see whether or not Malatras will be investigated or could possibly lose his job because of this. In a statement, Hochul Press Secretary Hazel Crampton-Hays:

“Governor Hochul committed to New Yorkers that no one who was mentioned in the Attorney General’s investigation performing inappropriate conduct that contributed to a culture of harassment would be a member of her Executive Chamber, and she has delivered on that promise.”