ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– Starting Tuesday, CVS Pharmacy will begin administering the Pfizer vaccine for children 18 months through 4 years of age.

COVID shot appointments can be made online at their MinuteClinic locations which are inside select stores.

In a statement CVS stated in part, “Our MinuteClinic clinicians, comprised of board-certified Family Nurse Practitioners, Physician Associates, and Nurses, have significant experience providing vaccinations to a younger population as well as private exam rooms, which will make the process easier for kids, parents, and guardians.”

When it comes to Walgreens, the company will be administering Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to children 3 years-old and older. Appointments will become available starting this Saturday, June 25th.

According to Walgreens, vaccines for this age group will be administered at lower doses.
For young children receiving the Pfizer vaccine:

  • The initial 2 doses will be given 21 days apart.
  • 3rd dose given at least two months after 2nd dose.

For Moderna:

  • 2 doses will be given 28 days apart.
  • 3rd dose will be given at least one month after 2nd dose.

Pharmacist, John McDonald said so far his pharmacy in the Capitol Region has not had a high demand for the vaccine for this age group.

” I don’t think you’ll see as much large amounts of individuals going to pharmacies at young age,” said McDonald. “It really requires a setting a child is familiar with. I know, as one who has immunized those individuals to 11, we did a lot of those vaccines in the schools— a place they’re comfortable with.”

For the youngest of children, it’s recommended that parents talk to their child’s doctor.

“Most children, thankfully, are connected to some kind of provider,” stated McDonald. Normally a pediatrician, maybe a PA or a nurse practitioner. This is a conversation mom and dad should have with that provider, to really ascertain if this is the route they want to go.”

The CDC recommends young children to get a COVID vaccine, even if they already had the virus.