SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Clocks fell back this morning as part of Daylight Saving Time. While turning back the clock is important, Daylight Saving Time also serves as a reminder to check your smoke detectors.

The sound of a smoke detector is not one that you want to hear, but one that could save
your life.

“As you know, battery-powered smoke detectors batteries are good for about six months
and it’s a good habit to get into. It’s a time of year that everybody is aware of and gets
talked about, so we like to put the reminder out there to check your smoke detectors. If
the batteries need to be changed to change them,” said District Chief of the Syracuse
Fire Department Matt Craner.

While smoke detectors themselves don’t have an expiration date, it’s important to keep
those up to date too.

“It’s good to check. You want newer ones. If you’ve got one in your house that’s been
there since you moved in thirty years ago, you might want to put a new one in,” Craner

If you live in a one or two-family home in Syracuse, the fire department will come to install a new smoke detector for you for free.

“The smoke detectors we install are this ten-year lithium-powered sealed batteries, so
you never have to worry about changing the detector,” Craner said.

As winter nears, the risk of a house fire is greater because of heating equipment used in
homes. So, while you turn your clocks back, check those smoke detectors too. It could
save you a lot of time in the case of an emergency.