ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS 10) – Chickens may come home to Rotterdam. The town considering a new ordinance. But not every neighbor is on board with the idea. NEWS 10 was at tonight’s meeting to hear their comments after the planning commission gave a negative recommendation.  

“I have a rodent problem because I live next to chickens,” said Rotterdam local Dawn Wiggen.

“I think some of these things are just opinions and comments from those who are uneducated and misinformed about chickens,” says Rotterdam chicken owner Denise Lagasse.

So, why did the chicken cross the road? Well, because the town of Rotterdam just might allow them to move in.  Lori Van Nostrand of Rotterdam knows firsthand about chickens living next door.

“And I’ve been here quite a while. Like, over 15 years and the chickens have always been here. There’s not a problem for me, they don’t bother me at all,” says Van Nostrand

The Planning Commission shot down a proposal to amend local law 7 about a month ago in a four to three-vote.  Van Nostrand told NEWS 10 that the chickens could be a good thing.

“They can have meals. That you know, to help them. Farming it’s a good thing,” says Van Nostrand.

The law will allow up to six chicken hens on a property of 9000 square feet or more. But no roosters are allowed. Chicken enclosures must be 25 feet from any property and not allowed in front or side yards. Chickens must be used for personal use. No egg sales, breeding or food or fertilizer. This change closely mimics several area ordinances already in play.

“If they follow the rules and they make sure that they do what they’re supposed to do following the ordinance I think it should be fine,” says Van Nostrand.

As the town waits to see what hatches it’s unclear right now when board members will vote on the ordinance.