UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – On Thursday, June 16th, Mayor Robert Palmieri announced another major step forward has been made after the city took ownership of the 1933 building from the New York State Canal Corporation.

This finalization completes 2008 legislation that was put in place by then-Governor David Paterson and will facilitate discussions with two private developers that responded to the ‘Requests for Expressions of Interest’ (RFEI) issued by the UHPDC. Additionally, the overall development of Harbor point calls for two buildings located on the site to be abated and demolished on Monday, June 20th utilizing funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

“The development of Harbor Point will transform our community and serve as a destination and quality of life asset. I commend the work of the Harbor Point Development Corporation and thank the individuals and businesses whose investment will make this development possible.” – City of Utica Mayor, Robert Palmieri

Nearly $20 million in state and local funding has been secured by UHPDC for the continued development of the following:

  • Creation of a master plan
  • Establish design guidelines for new development
  • Construct improved access with a waterfront aesthetic
  • Extend utilities into the site to facilitate future development
  • Reconstruct the concrete bulkhead that rings two sides of the Harbor
  • Improve pedestrian access between Downtown Utica and the Harbor

City and state officials believe this progress is the “key to the city realizing its vision for Harbor Point, which encompasses commercial, residential, and recreational development.”

“For nearly 200 years the Erie Canal has been an economic driver throughout the Mohawk Valley, and the Utica Harbor has connected the City of Utica to this historic waterway for generations.” – New York State Canal Corporation Director Brian U. Stratton