SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A new exhibit called “Dragon’s Reign” is coming to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in 2024 from Memorial Day weekend through Halloween.

The large animatronic dragons will head towards the zoo and begin their reign after being “awoken from April’s solar eclipse,” says the Rosamond Gifford Zoo.

Zoo guests can check out ten different “species” of dragons. Their size ranges from five feet to 20 feet tall.

“Dragon mythology is prevalent in many cultures – past and present – around the world, and these dragons reflect both the commonality and diversity of global cultures,” said Carrie Large, executive director of Friends of the Zoo.

Some of the dragons are inspired by different cultures or regions; a Chinese Dragon pays homage to the Zodiac calendar, a pterodactyl-like species called a Quetzalcoatl references the feathered-serpent god of Mesoamerican mythos and folklore, and a Manticore dragon draws on Persian legends. A Wyvern represents the monsters of Anglo-French folklore, while the Western Dragon epitomizes the iconic, classic dragon prominent in Western media.

Rosamond Gifford Zoo

The exhibit is free with admission to the zoo. For more, you can click here.