DEWITT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A homemade sign that reads, “Fix the Road,” was recently placed by the railroad crossing on NY 290 (Manlius Center Road) near Interstate 481 in DeWitt.

The sign comes after the Your Stories Team has gotten dozens of emails from frustrated viewers wanting to know when the railroad crossing will be fixed.

We’ve fielded complaints for months about the rough condition of the spur, not far from Liverpool Pool & Spa.

The tracks belong to CSX, a rail and intermodal businesses, that also owns the railroad bridge on Onondaga Lake Parkway which has faced multiple tractor-trailer crashes over the years.  

The YS Team has been reaching out to CSX since March trying to see when repairs will made to the rough tracks.

The company sent us this statement in April:

CSX works hard to address crossing concerns in a timely manner. Our maintenance crews completed temporary repairs on the Hwy 290 grade crossing a few weeks ago and we will continue to monitor the crossing until a more substantial fix can be completed. Many factors affect the pace and scheduling of crossing repairs, such as weather, equipment and resource availability. CSX invests heavily in infrastructure maintenance to ensure the safe, reliable movement of trains, and the safety of our employees and the communities where we operate. CSX encourages members of the community to contact us with non-emergency crossing issues at so that we can address their concerns in a timely manner.

Since our last YS Q&A update in April, we’ve reached out several times to CSX to get a timeline on a more permanent repair. We even sent the company a picture of the sign that now sits at the crossing and a viewer’s email that expressed concern about the track’s condition.

Our latest emails have gone unanswered.

NY 290/Manlius Center Road, is maintained by the NYS Department of Transportation. We reached out to the DOT to see if there’s anything it can do to prompt CSX to make repairs but we’re still waiting for a response.

The YS Team also reached out to Town of DeWitt Supervisor, Ed Michalenko. He shared his frustrations when it comes to contacting CSX. He said he’s been unsuccessful getting CSX to call him back when raising concerns about crossings in the town.

As a result of the YS Team bringing viewers’ concerns to his attention, Michalenko said he contacted NYS DOT and Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli’s office in hopes of getting the crossing fixed.

We’ll keep pushing and keep you updated. For now, watch your wheels.