NEW YORK (PIX11) — After a brief adventure looking for a mate, Flaco the owl seems to have returned to Central Park on Tuesday.

The rare Eurasian eagle-owl left Central Park a few days ago in search of a mate according to David Barrett, who runs “Manhattan Bird Alert” on X (formally Twitter).

However, in a new Flaco update Tuesday night, Barrett shared: “With confirming details, we are more confident now that Flaco was on a Fifth Avenue building across from the Central Park Reservoir today and likely has flown back into the park this evening.”

Barrett predicted that Flaco would come back to Central Park since there are “no mates are anywhere in the region.”

“Flaco is a Eurasian eagle owl and we don’t have those in North America, so we can’t be introducing a nonnative species and allowing it to breed here,” said Barrett.