TICONDEROGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Like any historic site, Fort Ticonderoga has history going back through countless family trees. In October, the fort launched a new project to trace where the roots lead.

The fort launched its new Ticonderoga Soldiers project last month. The project is taking a look at the genealogy that traces back to those who were stationed at Fort Ticonderoga between 1755 and 1783. Staff at the fort museum are looking through military records, orders, court documents, and personal letters to trace the lives behind a significant part of New York State history.

“Interest in one’s ancestry has been a key aspect of Fort Ticonderoga’s existence for generations,” said Fort Ticonderoga Museum Curator Dr. Matthew Keagle. “Today, with new and easier ways to access genealogical material, we are seeing a renaissance in genealogical research and interest in connections to Fort Ticonderoga.”

The project aims to trace everyone identified in Ticonderoga’s archives, and currently has information tracing back to more than 3,850 people. The museum’s online database offers information that lets anyone with ancestors tied to the fort look for familiar faces – a list still growing as the work continues on.

Although 18th-century Fort Ticonderoga’s own records are the starting point, the project will expand to other sources over time. An estimated 45,000 soldiers and civilians trace back to the fort, with connections across North America, Africa, and Europe.