GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This week, Glens Falls Hospital had an unwanted visitor over its building on Hudson Avenue. The hospital is sending a clear message: If you’re flying a drone, don’t do it here.

A release from the hospital reported that an unauthorized drone flight took place over the hospital on Monday, July 31, at the same time that an emergency transport helicopter was landing at the hospital heliport. The helicopter did not collide with the drone, but the possibility could have threatened the safety of all aboard the helicopter.

“This could have resulted in a catastrophic accident had the drone come into contact with the helicopter, putting lives at risk,” the hospital said. “We want to remind the community that the airspace around the hospital is private property and permission is required in order to operate a drone over the hospital.”

Glens Falls Hospital uses its own drones for hospital facility inspections, as well as for promotional filming projects. Those drones operate on an FAA-filed flight plan. Anyone in need of drone-level footage of Glens Falls Hospital is asked to reach out to the hospital by phone at (518) 926-5900 or by email at, rather than taking matters into their own hands.