ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Filming for HBO’s Gilded Age is in full effect and many road closures in place throughout the city.

Filming this year will take part mostly at Washington Park and a few streets in downtown Albany. Filming will go till the end of August.

The Albany Film Commissioner Deb Goedeke says this will be the first time that Washington Park will have sand-covered roads and horse carriages. The Gilded Age began in 1870 which coincidentally happens to be the year Washington Park was established.

Goedeke tells us 13,000 sleeping room nights have been booked in the area, and 7,000 are in Albany.  And in case you were wondering what is a sleeping room night? Well, the commissioner tells us exactly what it is.  

“When someone checks into a hotel, and they stay in the sleeping room for the night and then they check out the next day,” said Goedeke.

She also tells us that while the filming is here in the area, about $165,000 a day is being pumped back into the Capital Region economy. The commissioner also says this is great employment for locals looking to make it big in show business.

With a spike in violence here in the Capital Region, I asked Goedeke how the film Crews were being protected while visiting our city. She tells us that they tend to hire their own security and, Albany Police Department says that it is commonplace with any filming crew that police presence will be increased.

Hollywood’s industry is not finished with our area, just yet.  Deb Goedeke has something more up her sleeve. She tells us it is a big deal but, she can’t tell us, yet.