NEW YORK (NEWS10) — The two candidates for New York governor took the debate stage in Manhattan Tuesday night. It was the only debate before Election Day between incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul and her republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin.

A number of topics, including bail reform, were discussed.

“Kathy Hochul is too busy patting herself on the back saying job well done. No, actually, right now there should be a special session,” Zeldin said. “The state legislature should come back, and they should overhaul cashless bail and these other pro-criminal laws with zero tolerance. But they are saying ‘elect me,’ she’s saying ‘elect me’ and find out maybe where I’ll stand on the issue in January.”

“There is no crime-fighting plan if it does not include guns, illegal guns,” Hochul said. “You refused to talk about how we can do so much more. You didn’t even show up for votes in Washington when a bipartisan group of enlightened legislators voted for an assault weapons ban. We lost another child and teacher yesterday in St. Louis because people will not support what I got done here in New York.”

Another topic during the debate was the economy, which many voters have said is their top concern.

“Dragging their feet from one industry to the next regardless of whether we are talking about the East End of Long Island, the Southern Tier, or anywhere else, those farmers in the North Country and beyond,” Zeldin said. “Kathy Hochul has been failing every step of the way. That’s the rest of the story she won’t tell you.”

“First of all, those infrastructure dollars are supported by votes in Congress. You didn’t even bother to vote to help me fill $86 million worth of potholes,” Hochul said. “People love the LIE now. So many people are happy to see this done.”

There are no other debates currently scheduled between the two candidates. Early voting in New York takes place from Oct. 29-Nov. 6. Election Day is Nov. 8.