TOWN OF CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Between the power of the excavator and the experience of Wayne Drake inside the machine’s cab, demolishing a house looks easy.

Through the windshield, Drake sees one of 40 houses that have to come down in order to make room for Micron’s $100 billion megafab.

He calls it “organized chaos.”

Organized because he scopes out each property. Chaos because he never knows exactly how each structure will crumble.

“That came down excellent,” said Drake. “It came down, probably, picture-perfect if I had to say so.”

It seems a few days can’t go by without some Micron-related momentum. This work is among the most visible signs of progress.

The actual demolition happens quickly, but the process to get this far does not.

Burnet Road splits the 800-acre and 600-acre fields that will become home to Micron.

In order to clear the site for one massive development, Onondaga County’s Industrial Development Agency had to convince the homeowners to sell their properties for prices high above market rate.

Now, all but one home remains used and occupied. The county hopes to buy it, but because it’s not required to move forward, they won’t pay what’s currently being asked.

The other homes will come down in the days ahead.

Kendyl Gorick, who’s managing the demolition, said, “It’s awesome we can say we were part of it. That’s the best part of the jobs when you drive by someplace. We had a part in that.”

Footage of the demolition can be seen in the video player below: