GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The 50th annual Adirondack Balloon Festival achieved liftoff in the skies over Glens Falls in September. When it did so, it launched a new activity for kids along with it – connecting the potential balloonists of tomorrow to high-flying images today.

On Thursday, the Adirondack Balloon Festival announced the winners of its first-ever kids art contest. Students from first to fourth grades in 14 schools took part, with winning artwork displayed at the festival’s gala, as well as the art tent at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport.

  • conway-1st-place
  • eason-1st-place
  • ozanne-2nd-place
  • hovis-2nd-place

The winners include:

  • First and second grades
    • First place: Harper Conway, Grade 1, Jackson Heights (Glens Falls)
    • Second place: Colette Hovis, Grade 2, Kensington (Glens Falls)
    • Third place: Abby Herrick, Grade 2, Kensington
    • Honorable mentions: Branlley Anderson, Aiden Russo (Grade 1, Jackson Heights); Heram Nehring (Grade 2, Jackson Heights); Caleb Bunker (Grade 2, Kensington); Ellie Davis (Grade 1, Kensington)
  • Third and fourth grades
    • First place: Calli Eason, Grade 4, Big Cross School (Glens Falls)
    • Second place: Talia Ozanne, Grade 4, William H. Barton Intermediate School (Queensbury)
    • Third place: Dexter Eggimann, Grade 3, Big Cross Elementary (Glens Falls)
    • Honorable mentions: Autumn LaFlamme and Danni Grabbe (Grade 4, Big Cross); Taylor Jangward (Grade 4, Jackson Heights)

Each first-place winner wins a hot air balloon demonstration at their school, presented by Adirondack Balloon Festival Organizer Mark Donahue. Balloon art judges included Queensbury Town Supervisor John Strough; festival organizing committing member Marie Dicks; and organizer and local artist Tom Myott. All participating schools were from districts that have had balloons land on their soil in past years.