QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Take a book, leave a book. That’s the idea behind little free libraries, like the one that opened earlier this year at Crandall Park in the city of Glens Falls. Now, a new one is open for readers of all stripes, close by a bastion of local and regional history.

Last week, the Warren County Historical Society welcomed a little free library of its own, in front of its base of operations at 50 Gurney Lane in Queensbury. Like others of its kind, the library’s purpose is to give anyone a chance to pick up something new to read – or leave a treasured tome for someone else.

“You take one to read and leave one for another reader. It is a great way to circulate books you no longer want but others would enjoy,” said Warren County Historical Society Executive Director Don Rittner.

The tradition of the tiny library started in 2009, in Hudson, Wisconsin. Started by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks, the effort to bring small resources for new things to read eventually spread, with over 100,000 known little libraries posted in front of homes, businesses and public spaces around the country. The first wave of books stocked at this particular library share a common theme – they’re all history books.

The historical society didn’t get the job done on its own. Materials were donated by the Lowe’s on Quaker Road in Queensbury, and built by members of the Lake George Rotary Club. Now that the tiny doors are open for business, the library will offer history books for adults and children alike.