SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Lobster Babe, a place where you can have a lobster roll any way you want it, has announced on their Instagram that they are closing for the season near the end of November.

The restaurant is owned by Danielle Mercuri, who also owns Rise N Shine Diner, located right next door to Lobster Babe, LaLa Lu Ristorante on Carrier Circle, and the soon-to-be LODED restaurant on Westcott Street.

“We’ve made a decision to close for the winter season at this time. So starting this Sunday November 19th will be our final day. In hopes to return this spring.

Lobster Babe on Instagram

Mercuri told NewsChannel 9 back in November 2022, “It was an opportunity that we didn’t think was going to happen, nor did we ask. It was a friend of ours, Recess Coffee owned this place and he had asked, he would love for us to take over.”

And that was how Lobster Babe came to be. Expectantly, the restaurant should be back in business and serving you wild lobster roll combos by spring 2024.

Yet, the anticipation of LODED’s grand opening grows. The Lobster Babe Instagram page teased that it “will be opening soon at the 510 Westcott Street Location.”

During Lobster Babe’s final days, you can check out some specials and a few LODED giveaways.