Move Over exhibit at NYSF showcases a powerful message

State News

GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — While most families are making memories, Sally Deming’s visit to the State Fair is very different.

“I was very somber coming when, waking in today,” Deming said. “Just thinking about why I was coming here today. That my husband won’t be here.”

One year short of retiring as a Thruway worker, in October of 2016, Deming’s husband, Ron, was helping a tow truck driver near the Herkimer exit.

“He was over the rail. this car came along, hit a tow truck. I don’t know what happened after that. No one has come out and told me, and I haven’t asked,” Deming said.

The driver of the car was ticketed for not following the Move Over Law. 

Carnage from similar crashes is on display at the fair, and some people are stopping in their tracks. A reminder for drivers rushing home that highway workers want to get home to their families too.

Deming said, “It’s important that people get the message. I’ll keep talking about it as long as I can. Hopefully, it might save someone else.”

A message hopefully heard and seen.

The exhibit is a collaboration between the Thruway Authority, the State Department of Transportation and the New York State Police, all of which have workers out on highways.

The exhibit is at the entrance to the Midway, not far from the State Troopers exhibit.

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