MANLIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — While kids of all ages got to enjoy a night of trick-or-treating, they didn’t know they had someone looking out for them.

Manlius police not searching for ghosts or zombies but making sure everyone had an enjoyable evening.

“We’re just trying to make sure pedestrians, kids and their parents are not in the middle of the road, running in and out of traffic,” said Officer Zachary Clarke. “If kids get separated from their parents, we’ll help try and re-locate them.”

Clarke says the most common calls police respond to on Halloween are vehicle collisions and larcenies.

He says it’s best if families and friends stick together.

“Never go alone, stay in well-lit areas. Have a plan, sometimes navigating at night is a little bit more difficult,” Clarke said. “Have a plan as to what roads you are going to be on.”

Another top tip — wear reflective gear so you stand out!

“Obey the speed limit, stay off your phones, keep distractions limited and watch for pedestrian traffic,” Clarke added.

Driver and traffic safety precautions don’t stop on Halloween. With daylight saving time ending Sunday, motorists can expect it to get darker — sooner.

“If parents are able to, maybe sit with your children at the bus stops. Consider purchasing a high-vis vest to go over their backpacks, maybe pack a flashlight,” Clarke said. “Stay in the crosswalks of sidewalks at all times, away from traffic.”

Simple things that will go a long way to keep your kids safe.