UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The 2022 Legislative Session has begun and Eyewitness news spoke with New York State Senators Joseph Griffo and Peter Oberacker about their predictions and expectation for this year.

“We believe that the focus should be on recovering from the pandemic, keeping people safe but allowing flexibility and movement a rebound for the economy and looking at how we deal with public health issues as far as education,” said Senator Griffo.

Senator Oberacker also wants to emphasize on economic recovery as well as broadband service and how it will help communities .

“Especially in our rural district and rural area it touches on telehealth it touches on home schooling and schools going remote,” said Senator Oberacker.

Griffo also touched on wanting to focus on criminal justice due to the high rate in crime. When asked about Hochul applying two-term limits, both senators are in favor, and Senator Griffo says he has been advocating for these limits since 2008.

“So term limits I think have a place,” Senator Oberacker added.

“And I have always said this because if you want to bring dramatic and substantive change relative to reforming government this is a really good beginning with the term limits and I want to go further not only term limits on the statewide electives like governor, lieutenant governor, Comptroller and Attorney General but on the legislature as well,” said Griffo.