ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)— Despite calls to investigate the use of campaign money for Former Governor Cuomo’s most recent advertisement, The New York State Board of Elections will not be doing so.

Friends of Andrew Cuomo is running an advertisement saying not a single sexual harassment allegation made against the former governor was proven to have broken the law.

Eleven allegations stated in the Attorney General’s report caused him to resign back in August.

“His people said he was not running for office,” said Blair Horner, Executive Director of New York Public Interest Group. “We have an old fashioned view of campaign contributions. Use it for campaigning. You don’t use it to hire a PR firm to sort of fix your disgraced image.”

Horner said his organization, as well as three others wrote a letter to the New York State Board of Elections calling for an investigation into the use of Cuomo’s campaign money being spent on the advertisement.

They claimed it was in violation of election law.

The New York State Board of Elections determined there is not sufficient evidence of that.

“We don’t think that’s appropriate,” said Horner. “We think it’s unfortunate the Board of Elections agreed that it is, and we think that there should be a call to the governor and the legislature to fix this loophole in the state campaign finance law.”

It’s a loophole that NYPIRG will be trying to fix.

Former Governor Cuomo’s spokesperson, Rich Azzopardi, released a statement which said, “Once again Albany insiders made allegations that laws were broken in an attempt to create headlines and advance their political agenda only to have those actually in charge of enforcing the law determine that no violation took place. Happy Groundhog’s Day.”

Capitol Correspondent, Jamie DeLine, was told that it is estimated that Cuomo has between $16 Million and $18 Million in campaign money. When she recently asked his spokesperson if Cuomo will be running for office again, she was told, the future is the future.