NYS to launch new digital privacy program

State News

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York State will soon launch a new program to keep your information safe online.

The move comes just weeks after a report came out detailing how tech giants, like Facebook, receive private information about users without their knowledge.

The New York State Department of Consumer Protection will take the lead because here’s the problem…

When you download an app on your phone, or try to use a new internet service, often you find yourself scrolling through a massive list of terms and conditions.

And because you don’t want to sort through this, all too often, you just scroll right to the bottom and press “agree.”  But some reports suggest that could be getting you in trouble.

A recent report revealed that Facebook has been acquiring private data from third party apps that includes sensitive health information like user’s blood pressure and the timing of their menstrual cycles … the worst part?

Most people didn’t even know they were sharing this information with the social network.

That’s when Governor Cuomo stepped in and asked various state departments to investigate and now they’re taking it one step further, and breaking down the terms.

Service and privacy policies of numerous applications, starting with Venmo, after all, if your health information was shared so easily, could your financial info be at risk too?

The new imitative directed by the Department of Consumer Protection will seek to answer this question.

Within the past few days, Facebook has vowed to start prioritizing user’s privacy, but this new program is designed to make sure users know what they’re signing up for before a scandal hits.

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