FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A network of smash-and-grab thieves known as the Felony Lane Gang scope out gym, park and sports center parking lots, and Manlius police suspect the gang hit and scored last week in Fayetteville.

A gray Chrysler Pacifica was caught on camera combing the YMCA parking lot filled with cars on a Friday morning, Nov. 10, in search of money, credit cards and IDs. And they scored.

The Chrysler Pacifica driven by the thieves. Courtesy of the Manlius Police Department

“The vehicle came in, they saw the vehicle with a purse in it, circled around it, parked next to it, broke the window, then drove to the next one. And they did that three times,” said Manlius Police Department Sergeant Ken Hatter.

It looks like the work of the Felony Lane Gang, and they move fast.

“So it’s a minute or less per vehicle. It took longer for them to find vehicles that had items of value in it,” Hatter said.

A broken vehicle window from the scene. Courtesy of the Manlius Police Department.

The group of thieves is responsible for countless crimes across the country and here in Central New York.

“It is their M.O., they typically target parking lots full of vehicles,” Hatter said.

Gyms, shopping centers, daycare, parks and sports center parking lots are playgrounds for these nomadic thieves.

“They’ll continue to come back, and whether it’s an individual or not, the group is so large throughout the United States,” Hatter said.

The Felony Lane Gang crew is successful when people are comfortable.

“I would encourage people not to leave any valuables like I said, purses, wallets, gym bags, backpacks,” Hatter said.

The gang is tough to track and catch, but the crime is easy to prevent if you don’t leave valuables in vehicles.

Anyone with information on this incident or who may have seen the vehicle is asked to contact Manlius police by calling 315-682-8673 or emailing tips@manliuspolice.org.