ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A Rochester man who was found guilty in May of kidnapping his own children has been convicted on conspiracy charges for plotting to kill the judge that presided over his family court case, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Dimitri Cash Sr. had been previously convicted for two separate kidnapping incidents involving his own children, and was sentenced to 115 years to life. His cousin, Joenathan Cash, was sentenced to 75 years for his role in the second incident.

However, he had been in an active family court case before both abductions, where he was dissatisfied with the rulings of Judge Stacey Romeo, representatives with the Monroe County District Attorney’s office said.

Before his previous conviction, prosecutors said that Dimtri and others engaged in a conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree between September 1, 2020, and January 23, 2021.

Dimitri and his accomplices allegedly conducted background searches and investigations into Judge Romeo, surveilling her home and her office (the Hall of Justice). They allegedly spoke with a local FedEx employee regarding delivery routes, planning to pretend to be delivery employees, going so far as to purchase kerosene.

“Judge Romeo was tasked by the voters of Monroe County for the very difficult position of keeping children safe,” Assistant DA Sara VanStrydonck, who helped prosecute the case, said. “Nobody should have to fear for their life when they go to work every day, especially a Family Court Judge.”

He will be sentenced on January 19, 2023, in front of State Supreme Court Justice Argento.

Previous kidnappings

In 2020, Dimitri was arrested and accused of forcibly removing his children from school without consent or custodial rights. The children were found and Dimitri was arrested within hours of that incident.

In 2021, Dimitri and cousin Joenathan Cash worked with along with another accomplice, Kimara Pluviose, to kidnap Dimitri’s children again, this time removing them from the state.

Pluviose and Dimitri were found guilty of going to his children’s foster home on English Road, breaking in, and restraining the residents with duct tape. They then “forcibly removed” Dimitri’s 3-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son.

The children were found unharmed on the floor of a car in Alabama 48 hours after they were abducted. Pluviose drove them to Alabama because she and Dimitri lived there some time before the abduction.

In May 2022, Dmitri and Joenathan were convicted on charges of kidnapping, burglary, and robbery for the January abduction.

Dimitri was believed to be the organizer, with Joenathan and Pluviose executing his plan, prosecutors said.

“Dimitri Cash proved that his violence has no limits,” Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley stated. “He was willing to kidnap children and plotted to murder a Judge when he did not agree with her decisions. Dimitri Cash needs to be in the New York State Department of Corrections for the rest of his life. The entire Monroe County District Attorney’s Office is relieved that this resulted in a conspiracy charge, and not something much worse.”