ONONDAGA COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It’s election night, Tuesday, Nov. 7, and we now know what leaders will be serving another term.

While we’re watching some races in every corner of Central New York, the race impacting the most number of people is the Onondaga County Executive race.

Voters had the chance to vote between Republican Incumbent Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon and his Democratic opponent, Bill Kinne. Although the fight was strong, McMahon has won again.

Ryan McMahon and Bill Kinne

On election night, McMahon told NewsChannel 9 that he felt great, pointing to his leadership between the pandemic and the promise of Micron.

Voting today at Lakeview Baptist Church in Cicero, near his new home, McMahon became a household name during the pandemic with those daily briefings.

However, this election is really a vote of confidence, or not, in his plan for the future.

“You figure out where your options thinks they can punch, that’s something that you learn and you get a better grasp with the facts around those areas. And you do a good job getting out in the public and communicating. We worked really hard and had been very public not just with the campaign but ever since we’ve been going through this transformation as a community,” said Ryan McMahon.

Even though the Democrats have never won the county executive race, the party did have the edge when it came to registered voters.

Longtime County Legislator Bill Kinne went to his polling place in the Valley tonight and told NewsChannel 9 he was in a race he never expected to join.

When no one else would run against McMahon, he decided to step in. To stand out, Kinne took a stand against the 85 million dollar aquarium that will be built in the inner harbor.

“I was told by several people that the aquarium is not a good issue, it turns out it was very good issue, knocking on doors, I’ve only met 42 people that are in favor of the aquarium. Thousands upon thousands are against it. I’m not going to waste money like that and people know that,” stated Kinne.