SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After 10 years, a verdict has been reached in the Darryl Mount civil case. After just about three hours, the six-person jury voted in favor of the City of Saratoga Springs. Following the end of the trial, NEWS10 spoke with the plaintiffs and local activists about what comes next for the family. 

Back in 2013, Darryl Mount was involved in a police chase that left him comatose. Unfortunately, Mount died a year later. The jury’s ruling has cleared the city and police department from any liability in his death. 

“We took the case. We called all the witnesses we could have. I have no apologies for what we did, and I don’t think we left any stone unturned,” said attorney Steve Coffey. Coffey represented Darryl’s Mother, Patty Jackson and he says this decision delivered some closure. “For Patty, it is the end of the road.” Despite the civil case being over, he says it could still have an impact on the future of policing. “Now if she wants to pursue some kind of cause to change the policy of the Saratoga police department. But for the civil part, it’s over.” 

Some changes have already been seen within the Saratoga Springs Police Department. Since Mount’s death in 2014, the department has implemented a police review board and body cameras for officers. 

In light of the civil case ending, the Saratoga Springs department issued a statement, “Policies and Procedures are reviewed, updated, and modified on a continual basis at the police department.  The only major change that has occurred, though not a result of this incident, has been the implementation of the body-worn cameras for the patrol division”. 

Additionally, the Saratoga Black Lives Matter (BLM) was formed as a result of the events that occurred a decade ago. NEWS10 spoke with Saratoga BLM to see how they felt about the verdict. 

“As we reflect on this disheartening outcome, we are reminded that the struggle for freedom is far from over. We remain steadfast in our mission to bring about liberation for Black people and to honor Darryl.” 

They say despite the outcome of the civil case, Darryl’s mom is in good spirits.