Twin Tiers Honor Flight recognized veterans for their service and commitment over the weekend in Washington, DC.

According to the Pew Research Center, there are around 19 million veterans as of 2021. The President of Twin Tiers Honor Flight, Patty Vincent, shared what this day meant to the men who have served.

“They arrived home in the evening and their fathers told them you have a job at Endicott Johnson, which was a big factory making shoes around here for the military,” said Vincent. “And they never had that big welcome home, thank you for your service so, we tried to do that, we’ve tried to make this trip all about our veterans,” she added.

The local organization has been a staple in the community for 20 years, organizing events like this to celebrate all veterans.

“When we come home, we work on having a huge welcome home for them; and they were totally surprised that we had an escort back into town last night, and that when we got to the Legion, there were hundreds of people waiting, and cheering, and waving flags, holding their signs up,” said Vincent. 

Vincent said this is more than a day to recognize the work they have done and continue to do post-war.

 “We’re here to honor them, and want to do it the best way we can,” said Vincent.

Vincent said all funds for the trip come from fund-raisers, donations, and grants, and if you would like to lend your hands to the work, they are always looking for more people to help.