Steuben County DA curses out 911 dispatcher

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(WETM) – Steuben County DA Brooks Baker is apologizing after the Chemung County 911 released audio of a phone call where Baker is heard berating and cursing at a dispatcher.

Baker called 911 after picking up a dog off I-86 and was looking to connect with Animal Control.

After what Baker calls a “tense phone call” between Baker’s wife and a male dispatcher, Baker spoke with a female dispatcher in the audio released on Facebook.

While discussing with the dispatcher where he can hand off the dog, Baker became agitated and cursed at the dispatcher four times in a two minute phone call, saying he’s the “G–D— Steuben County DA” and calling the situation “B—s—.”

Brooks spoke with 18 News on the phone after the audio was released, saying “unfortunately my temper may have gotten the better of me” and that he received an apology from the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office.

Chemung County Sheriff Bill Schrom tells 18 News he did not talk with Baker.

Baker later told 18 News the dispatchers were “petty and small” for posting the audio of his call on Facebook.

Baker says the dispatcher wanted them to pull over on the freeway to wait for animal control, which Baker felt was unsafe because his young children were in the car during the recent snowstorm.

Baker’s wife posted about the situation on Facebook, prompting the 911 center to release the audio.

The dog was reunited with the caretakers when the owners of the dog came to Baker’s home. The owner of the dog was in labor, according to Baker, when the dog became loose.


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