BATH, N.Y. (WROC) — When voters in Steuben County head to the polls on November 8, a redistricting proposal will be on the ballot.

The proposal would reduce the number of districts in the county from 13 to 11, without changing the number of legislators (17).

If approved by voters in November, 13 of the county’s 17 legislative seats would be up for re-election to 4-year terms in 2023.

The plan:

  • District 1 (City of Hornell) absorbs the current legislative district of Hornellsville which includes the towns of Dansville, Hornellsville and Hartsville and maintains the current number of legislators assigned to both districts.
    • Representation in the new district would be set at three legislators.
  • District 3 (Town of Bath) adds the Town of Bradford.
    • Representation would remain at the current level with two legislators.
  • District 5 (Town of Urbana, Prattsburgh, Pulteney) adds the Town of Wayne.
    • Representation would remain at the current level with one legislator.
  • District 7 (Town of Erwin) adds the Town of Campbell, and adds one legislator.
    • Representation would increase to two legislators.