SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A federal judge called multiple parts of New York’s new gun laws unconstitutional and NEWS 10 has a reaction from local gun shops on this latest decision.

As the confusion continues to surround the new law, gun shop owner Craig Serafini told NEWS10 the problem started from the day the law was written.

“Reading the law is definitely becoming more and more of a challenge as we look at it and the different wordings that are being used back and forth,” says Serafini.

 Today’s decision by a U.S. federal judge puts the law on hold, for now.

“We go back to the status quo which was what was available prior to the law. So, anywhere you could legally conceal carry your firearm,” said Serafini

Serafini believes leaders in the state are not thinking clearly when it comes to new gun laws.

“As a citizen of New York State our elected officials for our state leaders are all suffering from one giant delusion,” continued Serafini.

The gun shop owner feels his gun rights were violated by the state and his business took a hit from the new restrictions.

“Their decision overrules people’s rights in this state, and I think this judge’s decision today reaffirms that the people of New York have rights and that the politicians do not have the right to take those away,” finished Serafini.

The state now has three business days the response to the decision by seeking emergency relief before a Federal Appeals Court.