ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — From “keep your room clean” to “no interrupting,” many American households run smoothly by following a common set of rules. Whether you live in a household with children and pets, or an apartment shared with roommates, your home can likely benefit from standards like a chore chart and a few ground rules.

To find out which house rules are the most common and which are the most broken across the United States, HomeAdvisor surveyed 2,200 Americans on their household rules. According to the study, New Yorkers feel right at home breaking those guidelines.

The state’s most common house rule, pollsters said, is putting things back where you found them. The most commonly disobeyed guidance, however, is turning the lights off when leaving the room.

New Yorkers are so bad at obeying that rule that the state ranked as the 12th-naughtiest surveyed—paling in comparison to Massachusetts, where only 30% of households disregard a rule daily.

States where rules are broken the most:

(Photo: HomeAdvisor)

A clear set of household rules not only benefits the human members of the household but the four-legged members, too. HomeAdvisor asked respondents with pets to rank what kind of boundaries and expectations they set for the household regarding pet care. Among the most notable were “no human food,” “don’t let pets jump on people,” and “no pets on the couch.”

From September 23 to 29, HomeAdvisor surveyed 2,212 Americans on their household rules. Respondents were 44% men, 53% women, and 3% nonbinary or preferred not to say. The generational breakdown includes 13% Baby Boomers, 32% Gen X, 48% Millennials, and 16% Gen Z. Some states were omitted from survey results due to insufficient responses.