SCHENECTADY, N.Y.(NEWS10) – The first week is in the books for the Capital Region’s first cannabis shop, and NEWS10 has all the details on how the business is already growing.

Upstate Canna Co. owner, Don Andrews, says the launch was successful, with a line down the block. Andrews adds that they are ready to expand their operations.

“That’s the overall end goal, to have three locations,” said Andrews.

The shop employs 14 people with room for more.

“We’re in the process of hiring more. So, there’s a lot of job opportunities coming up,” said Andrews.

While they have been busy, he says keeping sold out products in supply is not a challenge.

“We work closely with cultivators who are going to be within an hour, an hour and a half away. So, not too far away. So, we are selling out of things, but we are able to be restocked in a timely manner,” said Andrews.

With the newly found success, Andrews believes in giving back to the community.

“We are working with non-profits and the city of Schenectady to give back to those non-profits who also give back the city of Schenectady, and you know also the tax revenue that the city of Schenectady will reap from,” said Andrews. 

With the new adult recreation activity, comes responsibility. Andrews says it’s a top priority.

“We have security at the door checking IDs. We check IDs again at the reception desk, and then we check them again, the third time, at the register right before we start the transaction,” said Andrews. 

He also wants customers to get home first before partaking in the smokable treat. 

“When people come in and make a purchase, they leave with a sealed bag. So, what they do with it when they get in the car, we’re hoping that they drive home and then consume the cannabis in a safe manner. We do as much as we can to provide people with the knowledge and safety tips of not driving while consuming cannabis,” said Andrews.

Andrews says he expects his delivery services to be up and running by as early as the end of April.