SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Kool Kidz Daycare Center is the vision of owner and operator Joshua Olatunde. The center serves children ages three to 12.

“Bringing fun and bringing education, but also bringing it to young people so that it isn’t something that they think is not cool,” Olatunde explained.

Education is important to him. He’s originally from the south side of Chicago. He opened his center on the south side Syracuse to help children who come from similar communities while also addressing the childcare challenges.

“For us to be open untraditional hours from 6:30 in the morning until seven at night, to hopefully be able to take a little bit of that burden off of parents, very important for me,” Olatunde said. “Again, we were able to benefit from it in Chicago when I was a kid.”

He hopes to make an impact on children here and beyond. He does that by reading books and fun videos on his YouTube series, Mr. Josh’s Kool School.

“What I found is that a lot of young people today self select out of education but they select into things that are a little more visible to them be it entertainment or something similar. So I said, I want to be the face of being cool in education,” Olatunde said.

In the future he would like to expand Kool Kidz and even create a franchise. For now he’s focused on the success of the center on the south side.