SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Three Lives is a cocktail bar in Syracuse’s Armory Square that is all about fun and games, and they are ready for the New Year’s Eve crowds.

“We have a shadow party, which is kind of a black apparel themed thing,” said Three Lives General Manager Alex Silver. “So, anybody that shows up in all black, gets in for free. Anybody that shows up in any colors on, not counting shoes, has to pay five dollars to get in.”

With these festivities planned. Safety is also top of mind here.

“We are contracting with an incredible security company which is awesome. Other than that we’re just insuring, we are all trained to keep our eyes open and know what’s going on,” Silver said.

Silver added they don’t really have any trouble at Three Lives. In Armory Square, there’s already been an increase in patrols. Syracuse Police will also be focused on other areas downtown including Hanover square.

“It’s one of those holidays that we’re well aware of,” said Lieutenant Matthew Malinowski, Syracuse Police’s Public Information Officer. “It’s actually one of the most deadly holidays for drunk driving so something that we’re going to be preparing for.”

Malinowski encourages you to prepare before you head out to celebrate.

“To get an Uber ride is 40 bucks, let’s say. To get a DWI is over $10,000. Even if it was just getting arrested or paying a fine, the ultimate thing that could happen is you either hit and injure yourself or someone else,” Malinowski said.

Have a good time, just do it safely.

Syracuse Police tell us last year they made two DWI arrests during the New Year’s Eve holiday.