Syracuse University students to be tested for COVID-19 before break


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Syracuse University announced on Thursday that it will test all students again for COVID-19 just before Thanksgiving Break.

NewsChannel 9 spoke with SU’s vice-chancellor about several topics, including this next round of testing.

It’s more about doing the right thing by our students families and the communities they’re returning to to ensure that we’re not sending students home, unbeknownst to them, are COVID positive.

SU Vice Chancellor Mike Haynie

Haynie said only the Onondaga County Department of Health can decide if a student who tests positive must stay and isolate on campus.

He speculated that, if they are a single car ride from home, they will likely be allowed to leave for Thanksgiving and isolate there.

Anyone else who is positive will likely be required to stay on campus.

SU is not bringing students back after Thanksgiving until late January for the spring semester.

Haynie also said that the school is going to create its own saliva pool testing capability like they’ve been doing with SUNY Upstate, which is now tasked with performing those tests for the whole system.

It is not that we are stepping away from that partnership. It is, however, that it makes sense for us to have a backup capability of our own.

SU Vice Chancellor Mike Haynie

Haynie also warned students to be careful this Halloween weekend and over the next few weeks, pointing out one single party earlier this month caused 80 COVID-19 cases and not all those infected were at the party.

“If we had been 48 hours later identifying that one student and subsequently learning about that off-campus gathering, it may have been too late for us to recover from that situation,” Haynie said.

The SUNY system announced this week that it will be testing each of its students within 10 days of when they are scheduled to leave campus before Thanksgiving.


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