(WETM) — The College Board which administers college entry tests also known as the SAT’s will go digital in 2024 and be shortened from three to two hours.

According to insidehighered.com, more than 75% of colleges and universities no longer require the S-A-T’s for admission.

The standardized test is still required for admission into some higher institutions and students are measured on a curved grading scale in areas of Math, Science, and English.

According to Eric Sykes, Vice-Pres. of Enrollment Management at Elmira College, said the test is good for hard science programs like engineering and medical, but not so much in other areas.

“It isn’t really applicable beyond what other predictors we may have, including high school performance, performance in extra-curricular’s,” said Sykes.

According to the Student Aid Policy Analysis Papers, admission tests discriminate against minority and low-income students at select colleges and universities.

Sykes said he believes the weight of the S-A-T’s will go down in the future with fewer students taking them.
And as for pivoting to digital, he also believes that too will be on an inevitable decline, largely due to the pandemic and the schools who’ve chosen to go test optional not looking to go back.