GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Adirondack Theatre Festival is well underway at the Charles R. Wood Theater in Glens Falls. Starting July 6, the festival trades in the 1830s-era New York of “The Chinese Lady” for something with more rolling hills, misty mountains, and high adventure.

“The Hobbit” begins its run as the second show of the festival season on Wednesday, July 6. Adapted by Greg Banks and directed by Joe Isenberg, the show runs from July 6-17. Although the J.R.R. Tolkien classic portrays a mystic and magical setting, the Glens Falls production draws from its surroundings to come to life.

“Tolkien’s Dwarfs were once wealthy and proud. But they have fallen on hard times and they are fighting to regain their dignity,” explained Isenberg. “The show’s designers and I were inspired by the empty factories and warehouses nearby and by the industrial tools and gear that could be repurposed to tell the story in a new way.”

The production stars Blake Segal (“Blue Bloods”) as Bilbo Baggins, as he joins Gandalf and a host of dwarves on a quest to the Misty Mountain in the “Lord of the Rings” prequel. Also among the cast are Ryan Pater, Meagan Kimberly Smith, Marshall Evan McGuire, and “Gotham” stuntwoman Rin Allen. The set trades in traditional depictions of sword-and-sorcery settings for a crumbling factory, with rolling scaffolds that move the scenes along.

“Bilbo reminds us that even the most humble of us can rise up and be a hero in the battle against greed and corruption,” said Adirondack Theatre Festival Producing Artistic Director Miriam Weisfeld. “This production delivers all the highlights of Tolkien’s book, from wizards to dragons to Gollum and the famous ring. At the same time, it’s the kind of creative, imaginative event that can only happen in the theatre.” 

Tickets are $35 for adults, $25 for those ages 18 and under. An opening night reception will be held at the Friday, July 8 show. The festival schedule also features upcoming performances of musicals “Mystic Pizza,” and “Last Stop on Market Street.”