Thinking about food at the holidays: Why not grow some of your own?

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From Green Right Now Reports

This week, as you express your thanks for the good food on your table, you also may want to discuss how you can assure the future of healthy food.

Roger Doiron, founder of Kitchen Gardener’s International and the idea man behind the White House garden, extols the benefits of converting your lawn into a garden in this TedxDirigo talk. You will save money, help secure safer, healthy food for your family and put land into agricultural use on a planet that’s growing short of soil and water, Doiron explains.

Listen to Doiron and you might be inspired to start planning your big garden, right after Thanksgiving’s big meal.

It’s doable. Listen to what Doiron has to say about how much produce people raised on their own during the height of the Victory Gardens during World War II.

And you don’t have to wait. If you’ve got a good windowsill, winter’s a great time to grow sprouts or greens, or start early spring seedlings.

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