WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — At the Watertown Public Safety Building on Thursday, Watertown Police Department Detective Lieutenant Joseph Donoghue held a press briefing regarding the homicide that took place on Clinton Street on April 28.

“I believe the mayor captured what our thoughts are. We are no alone in this,” stated Lieutenant Donoghue. “Unfortunately, these events occur daily now and we hope that they will not repeat themselves. When this is done will look back at what we’ve done and we will try to see if we can improve in areas and see if we can assist people.”

Donoghue confirmed that the incident occurred close to 2 p.m. on April 28, 2021. The suspect, Barry Stewart, entered Bridgeview Realty and shot and killed two individuals, later identified as the owners of the company, Terence O’Brien and Maxine Quigg.

Immediately following the incident, Stewart was believed to have fled in his Ford F-150 truck.

To locate the suspect, authorities attempted to ping Stewart’s cell phone. However WPD believe that Stewart discarded his phone before fleeing the area. Donoghue confirmed that, what they believe to be Stewart’s phone, was recovered in an area by Meade and Superior streets in the City of Watertown after locating the suspect in Franklin County.

New York State Troopers were able to identify Stewart’s truck by license plate. After being followed by authorities, Stewart exited the roadway and shot himself. He was then pronounced deceased.

Donoghue could not confirm any ethics charges against Stewart or any criminal history. The handgun uncovered at the scene was confirmed to be licensed to Stewart. Watertown City Police confirmed that they are unable to release the make or model.

Lieutenant Donoghue addressed how this was an “anomaly” of an event for the North Country community.

“This is difficult,” stated Donoghue. “We train for this as much as we can. Our officers responded quickly. We cleared the building, the entire building, and there was numerous police agencies that assisted us.”

“Both the victims were well known in the city and we will work with the families,” he expressed/

Donoghue did state that the department is currently examining several motives that will be investigated and released at a later date.

ABC50 will continue to update you as more information is released.